HUD Section 3 Opportunities

The City of Dayton will issue four bids with a 10% HUD Section 3 Goal in the next week. There are additional bidding opportunities throughout the summer.
We do not have enough HUD Section 3 businesses. We do not have enough residents certified to work on the projects.

Certified HUD Section 3 Business List

Please refer anyone who may be an eligible applicant to Juleda Hyde, HUD Section 3 Coordinator at or 937.333.1403.

As a reminder, here are the eligibility requirements:

Eligibility for Section 3 Business Concern
The HRC is responsible for certifying Section 3 business concerns.  A list of Section 3 certified businesses or a certification application can be found in the “Reference Materials” section below. A list can also be obtained by calling (937) 333-1403.

•    51% owned by a certified Section 3 eligible resident; or
•    30% or more of the business’ permanent full time employees are certified Section 3 residents or were Section 3 resident within their first three years of employment; or
•    25% or more of the subcontracts are awarded to certified Section 3 business concerns

Eligibility for a Section 3 Resident
Individuals interested in becoming certified as a Section 3 eligible resident should contact the Dayton Metropolitan Housing Authority.  A copy of the application is included in Appendix E. Companies submitting applications for current employees as documentation for business certification eligibility only need to require employees to submit the Income Certification Form and Section 3 Preference Form. Current employees will not be added to the notification list without the resident application.

•    Proof of residency (lease in a HUD or other federally assisted program)
•    Proof of public assistance, e.g. Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF) recipients, etc.
•    Proof of participation in a federally assisted program such as job training programs, etc.
•    Proof of participation in a state or local assistance program, or other program that assists low- or very-low income persons

Additional information on the HUD Section 3 Program can be found at

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About Greater Dayton MBAC

The City of Dayton Human Relations Council is host to the Greater Dayton Minority Business Assistance Center (MBAC). A component of the State of Ohio Development Services Agency, MBAC provides management and technical assistance, procurement information, bonding assistance, cost estimating services and organizational assessments. For businesses engaged in the construction sector, the Center also provides Construction & Plan Room assistance. MBAC offers free assistance to minority, woman and small businesses in Montgomery, Green, Clark, Dark, Preble, and Miami counties of Ohio.

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