Watch Petbrosia’s Breakthrough in Pet Nutrition, TicketFire Blaz es Trail, Footprint Accelerates Crime-Fighting and Meet Two Med Tech Successes

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Welcome to TechOhio

Welcome to TechOhio, featuring the vibrant community of entrepreneurs and innovators in Ohio. We are sharing the breakthrough technologies, cutting-edge research and innovative companies from across the state. The Ohio Development Services Agency and the Ohio Third Frontier initiative is a major contributor to this technology economy, administering funds to foster innovation, commercialize research, grow capital and attract talent.



Petbrosia is the first nutrition system custom-designed for individual dogs and cats, based on their breed, age, weight and body condition. The company received early-stage investments from several Ohio Third Frontier partners, including CincyTech, Queen City Angels, North Coast Angel Fund and Accelerant. Most recently, the company was awarded a Commercial Acceleration loan, helping the company continue to grow by building infrastructure, hiring and expanding their product line.



TicketFire Blazes Digital Trail in Event Admissions

Even here in 2015, many sporting events and concerts still require paper tickets for admission, posing two major issues for customers. First, paper tickets are easy to lose and a missing ticket means not getting in to your event. Second, selling these tickets requires inconvenient face-to-face meetings or the risk of them getting lost in the mail. The solution for these two problems is the foundation of startup company TicketFire, based in Columbus, Ohio.

Footprint Turns Data Into Knowledge for Efficient Crime-Fighting

You see it on TV crime dramas all the time – detectives trying to catch a criminal go back to headquarters, and have access to a wealth of information with the push of a button. Digital displays show surveillance videos, photos of suspects at the crime scene and satellite maps of the area. To viewers at home, it all seems a little too easy. While this crime fighting speed may be fiction right now, Dayton, Ohio-based Footprint is working to make it fact for law enforcement officials across the country.

Ohio Company Finds Comfort Zone in “Hot and Cold” Medical Market

There are circumstances in which a dramatic change in body temperature can prevent complications during surgery, and making that happen quickly can mean the difference between life and death. Making this process as efficient and effective as possible is the goal of Innovative Medical Equipment in Lyndhurst, Ohio. With the help of a $1.4 million Commercial Acceleration loan from Ohio Third Frontier, the company is working towards FDA approval on a new device called SmartCool that can quickly cool (or warm) the human body in certain medical situations.

VentureMed Technology Breaks Through in First-In-Man Trials

Peripheral artery disease (PAD) affects one in 20 Americans over the age of 50, leaving patients with tired, heavy legs due to blockages in their arteries. While some cases can be treated with medication and lifestyle changes, more advanced PAD requires artery-clearing surgery that is very expensive due to the high cost of the medical devices used. Toledo, Ohio-based VentureMed Group (VMG) is hoping to help reduce these costs by the end of 2015 with its groundbreaking FLEX Scoring Catheter.

VCs are Hunting for Unicorns in Far Away Places…Like Ohio, Washington DC and Utah

Where are VCs unicorn hunting outside of California, NY and Massachusetts? It looks like Ohio.

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Web site


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