179735_10151674217227790_1656507108_nAbout My Sisters  is the brainchild of Karen M.R. Townsend, Ph.D., president and CEO of KTownsend Consulting, an Ohio-based Ohio-based training and consulting firm. After nearly twenty years as an educator and an entrepreneur, it became obvious that while there is a great demand for her work in leadership development, diversity, and personal excellence, women and girls have unique needs that aren’t always addressed in typical personal and professional development programs. Her first venture into “gender specific” programming came in 1993 when she and two colleagues–Lillian Johnson and Charlotta Taylor–hosted SISTER TO SISTER: An African American Women’s Think Tank. This bi-annual conference—which has received national recognition–provides a forum for African American women to come together to dialogue, strategize, and make recommendations regarding issues of relevance for African American women. It has been the success of SISTER TO SISTER that prompted Dr. Townsend to expand her programming to include more women and girls. She was challenged by those around her to do more.

The first challenge came from attendees of SISTER TO SISTER. They believed that the same type of programming for “younger sisters” would position them to be more confident and increase their levels of self-esteem.

The second challenge came from Dr. Townsend’s “non-African American sisters.”  On more than one occasion, Dr. Townsend’s friends and colleagues said, “Come on, Karen. What’s the deal?  We white girls (and Asian girls, and Latina girls, and…) have the same issues.

“When are you going to do something for us?” When?  Now: Join as the celebration of twenty years of empowering women! Since 1993, SISTER TO SISTER has grown in scope and influence and is now one of the longest running women’s conferences in the United States! Registration opens on July 1. For more information, visit or email

2013 Sister to Sister Registration Brochure, Mission Accomplished!

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